Information Infrastructure for Supporting Education and Learning by Using Educational Big Data”. This site is a project site of the Japan Society for the Promotion Science Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research Project Basic Research (S)

Increasing focus on “Educational Data Science”

There is a traction towards the creation of an educational environment to support full digital textbooks in 2020. In this context, attention is focused solely on the digitization of contents,
so little consideration is given to collecting learning behavior of students from e-books and making Useful For Improving Them The Learning Experience.
In This Project, We Will Promote ‘Educational Data Science’ Which Improves Education By Gathering Data In School Education And Quantitatively Analyzing It.

                               Figure: Positioning current research on e-books

Our objectives

Our research focus is to achieve the following three objectives concerning “educational big data”, “cloud information infrastructure”, and “educational data science”.

  • Building educational big data with accumulated lifelong learning logs from both formal (within lecture) and informal (outside classroom) learning using various e-learning technology such as digital textbooks.
  • Creating an educational cloud information infrastructure with the learning logs to that supports education and learning.
  • Creating the field of research in “Educational Data Science”, to investigate “learning” in the digital age, and designing a new learning environment.

With this educational cloud infrastructure to collect and analyze data
such as school education and informal learning, and accumulation and education of educational big data It can seamlessly support utilization. Providing tools such as digital textbooks, e-learning and data analysis in formal learning such as school education and informal learning, and accumulation and education of educational big data It can seamlessly support utilization.

Figure: Overview of the project

Elementary task and actual research plan

In order to achieve the purpose, it is necessary to clarify each of the following elemental issues listed below.

  1. Data collection collection

What kind of information is collected

  1. Data integration integration

How to build educational big data

  1. Data Analysis / Visualization

What kind of analysis is done

  1. Educational interactioninteraction

How to feedback on-site

  1. Field trialtrial

As a result, how to evaluate the effect of education / learning

  1. Theoretical constructionconstruction

Also, what kind of education method and learning method is best

Figure: Research workflow 

Pioneering new disciplines

In this project, researchers from different fields of expertise cooperate in solving the problem in order to tackle six elemental subjects with different properties.
“Educational data science” which is an interdisciplinary field spanning various fields .

Figure: Positioning of proposed “educational data science” and peripheral disciplines

In the academic field of educational data science, we will discover ways to improve education and learning by collecting and analyzing educational big data.

Our Mission

Radically changing the educational landscape by creating cloud infrastructure and educational data science to support the 2020 digital text books!