ICCE2023 is a meta-conference for researchers in the Asia-Pacific region to connect with international research communities for the worldwide dissemination and sharing of ideas for research in the field of Computers in Education. Please check information for authors for the following workshops:
W01The Applications of Generative Artificial Intelligence (GAI) in Education
W02The 7th Computer-Supported Personalized and Collaborative Learning
W03The Applications of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) in Adult and Continuing Education
W04The 7th International Workshop on Information and Communication Technology for Disaster and Safety Education (ICTDSE)
W053rd International Workshop on Embodied Learning: Technology Design, Analytics & Practices
W06The 16th Workshop on Technology Enhanced Learning by Posing/Solving Problems/Questions
W07The 3rd Workshop on Innovative technologies for enhancing interactions and learning motivation
W08The 11th Workshop on Technology-Enhanced STEM Education
W09 The First International workshop on Ethics of AIED: Challenges and Opportunities for Achieving Learner Centricity
W10The 12th International Workshop on ICT Trends in Emerging Economies (WICTTEE 2023)
W12The 1st International Workshop on Computational Thinking and Programming Education(CTPE)
W13ICCE Workshop on "Towards the Practice of Seamless Interest-Driven Creators (SIDC) Theory with Technological Supports"
W14Quantification of Learning in Virtual Learning Environments

Paper submission

Please refer to the website of each workshop for detailed information of paper submission.
  • Paper length: Full paper (8-10 pages), Short paper (5-6 pages)
  • Paper Format Template available here.

Important Dates (Link)


Please refer to the website of each workshop for detailed information.